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Education is at the heart of what Liberal Democrats stand for. It is the key to freedom and opportunity, and a vital part of creating the fairer society our Party seeks to build. We believe in a society where every young person, no matter what their background or circumstance, can grow up to achieve anything they set their mind to.

I am not an educator nor an educationalist but I have worked in Island schools and observed staff at work. They are knowlegable, enthusiastic and compassionate. They really care about the welfare and education of our children both in the measurable terms of education outcome and in their development as people. Great strides have been taken in improving educational provision and children's services on the island generally through the work being done with Hampshire County Council.

It would be far too easy, however, to take our eye off the ball. The role of councillors should be to oversee, support and encourage the efforts of our schools and ensure that they have the resources they need. Also, where possible, we should remove any obstacles to recruiting and training the best staff we can get including appropriate support for those who wish to move from the mainland.