John Graney
Brading Town Councillor
The views expressed here are all my own

Although road safety is not within the competence of Brading town Council The Law does require local authorities, in our case the Isle of Wight Council, to prepare and carry out a programme of measures designed to promote road safety and make it possible for contribution to be made towards the cost of promoting road safety measures. Cyclists, both adults and children. and pedestrians, particularly the very old and the very young, are particular areas of concern.

We have to accept that with such a huge programme of works such as that being undertaken by Island Roads, there are bound to be delays. They are unavoidable. However, outside the programme of replacing the lamentable public roads on the island there are many improvements and safety measures which need to be incorporated, either as part of the ongoing works or because you, the residents and road users, have made common-sense suggestions of measures to improve road safety. These might be pedestrian barriers where people might unintentionally spill into the path of traffic or traffic calming arrangements at dangerous places. The idea that such improvements are made only when there has been a death or a serious injury caused by an accident can have no place in modern thinking.

I am personally in favour of 20 mph speed limits in residential areas. We have the nonsense in Brading that the High Street, the A3055 no less, has a 20 mph limit yet many of the much smaller roads nearby have 30 mph limits. Even these are not observed by all. Many smaller side roads in this area and throughout the Island should be considered for lower speed limits. In the Netherlands the concept of the “Woonerf” or Home Zone, where traffic is restricted to lower speeds than in other built-up areas, has been in place for many years and works very well and should be considered here. Perhaps as an experiment in the first instance, the Station Road & Lower Furlongs area would be an ideal place to test out the system here. Take a look at Woonerf on wikipedia