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What this election is not about.
This Election is not about the government in London or whether Theresa May gets a mandate for what she wants to do. At the time of writing parliament has not yet given its consent under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. As the turkeys did vote for Christmas the election will be in June. It is nothing to do with the Isle of Wight Council election. As my readers know, I am I a lifelong Liberal Democrat and a convinced European. You can no doubt guess what I think of it all. However I repeat that it does not have any bearing on this election or how I would conduct myself if elected to be one of your councillors.

County Councils and unitary authorities such as the Isle of of Wight do not control all the services in their area. Policing is a matter for the Police and Crime Commissioner. Although some councillors may be members of the police and crime advisory panel. The operative word there is advisory. Even the Police and Crime Commissioner's influence does not go as far as operational matters which, very properly, are the responsibility of the chief constable.

The Isle of Wight Council does not run the Isle of Wight College nor any of the academies on the Island although the childrens services does retain responsibility for certain functions in respect of the children. Hospital, ambulance and GP services are run by the NHS however since the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, the responsibility for commissioning public health services transferred from the NHS to local authorities.

Despite what you may have heard in recent reports of proposals to invest in Red Funnel, currently the council has no influence over commercial decisions or pricing of ferries (but see my page on ferry fares)