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What this election IS about
This election is about choosing two councillors to represent Brading, St. Helens and Bembridge on the Isle of Wight Council. The two who were members before, belonged to a party called the Independents. (I am sorry but I do have a problem with the idea of a political group, or party, called The Independents. Either you are independent or you are a member of a party.) Our two previous councillors were prominent in that group and were both members of the council’s cabinet but resigned from the positions they held. At least one of them was reported by the County Press[1] as confirming that he would not stand for re-election. Clearly there has been a change of mind there. The other, despite his long-standing connections to this area has actually moved away (see the ballot paper). You may think that when voting for a representative of this area it would be as well to choose someone who lives in this area. If so that narrows your choice down to two out of four rather than seven. As for those lucky enough to own a house or flat on the Island as well as one on the mainland surely only one place is your 'home' and it is only there that you should cast your vote. Occupying a house for a total of 6 weeks in a year does not make you a resident.

I see the job of the council as a whole to maintain and improve the quality of life of Island Residents. That includes ensuring that there is an appropriate environment for business to provide work and services that residents need. Clearly the tourism business is important to us but it is not the only one. We do need to encourage more year-round employment. Agricultural and horticultural enterprises (which are also crucial the the viability of this Island) may be heading for a difficult time during the term of this council. It is imperative that the council uses whatever meagre influence it may have with with central government to support them. This may of course be difficult if government ministers will only talk to members of their own party.

I do not pretend, should you elect me as one of your councillors, that I will be a candidate for leader of the council. Even if such a thing were possible I would not be so presumptuous. Yes, I have experience as a councillor but no ambition to lead. My job, as a person who has lived here for a nearly a quarter of a century would be to ensure that the voice of the people of this area is heard and to be a moderating influence on those who do lead and to hold their 'feet to the fire' to ensure that proper governance takes place.

[1] See County press click here
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What this election is about
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