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(Almost) An End To
Dead Tree Politics
In order to use less paper, thus saving the lives of many trees, I will be placing all of my election material online here at for voters to read. This will also enable me respond to issues raised by voters, both personally and in public where appropriate.

As you are aware Brading, St Helens and Bembridge are placed together in one electoral division. In this combined area there are almost seven thousand people (about a thousand of those under voting age) in almost four thousand households [see note 1] So in order to communicate with all of them on paper a candidate has to spend around £200 for each pamphlet and print around 125 square metres (150 Square yards) of paper! This all to be paid for and delivered however many times the candidate wishes to issue more information.

Radio and television have restrictions on what they can report during elections but self publishing on the internet is not limited providing it is clearly marked with information about who it comes from.

So here I am. One packet of ordinary 80gsm yellow paper and a home printer to make some flyers and posters to let voters know where this web page can be found.

Thank you for reading this. Please share this web address with your friends and neighbours.

[1] It is difficult to be precise about the population figures so long after the census CLICK HERE AND HERE to see the Isle of Wight council information published in 2013