John Graney
Brading Town Councillor
The views expressed here are all my own

Banks Closing
Bank branches all over the island are closing down. There is nothing anybody can do if a bank decides to close its branch in your area. The banks tell us that the closures are customer driven because of the way that people use their bank these days. Branch services are either not required or, to be honest, uneconomical.

What can be done, however, is make it easier for the banks and their customers to use the mobile banking services which are being set up to replace the branches. What I sauugest is not only and for the areas where branches have recently closed. Each town, village and populated outlying area on the island should be provided with a designated stopping place for mobile banks and other services to use.

These places would be near to shops and other utilities, well lit and laid out so as to be convenient to wheelchair users as well as parents with children. A metered supply of mains electricity could be provided much in the same was as for electrically powered vehicles. (If the mobile bank itself was electrically powered then so much the better.)

Might I even suggest that such a place would also be convenient for mobile libraries, mobile police offices, mobile council offices or even a mobile MP's advice surgery. Perhaps even a mobile post office partly funded by those banks and building societies which use their counters for transactions. We might even see the return of the mobile shop!

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