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Bins and Beaches
One of the conservative candidates, I think it was the one who lives in Lake, has called for more regular bin emptying and beach cleaning. I think he means more often as once a month would be regular. As I see it at the moment the weekly bin collections, alternating between green and black bins is usually enough for most of us. What we do need is a flexible rather than a punitive approach to those occasions when a household, for whatever reason, may have more ’black’ rubbish than usual. It is the job of the council to ensure that the waste management contract is properly carried out by the contractor and that this position does not slip.

Beach cleaning should be regarded as an essential service considering the number of holidaymakers who come here every year to spend their money in Island businesses. They expect clean and safe beaches and the council has the responsibility to deliver them [see note 1]. In our area beach cleaning by the council currently takes place, throughout the summer season, at St Helens (the Duver) but not at any of the Bembridge Beaches [see note 2]. Access to these beaches for large mechanical beach cleaning machines may be difficult but the council website does state that manual means are used to clean other beaches. It is not clear to me why the beaches at Gurnard and East Cowes should be considered greater priority for this service than those at Bembridge.


[2] Source: Isle of Wight Council Website CLICK HERE